jueves, 7 de julio de 2011

Walking Into Paradise

MOTHER GOD wants the re-union of all Her children in Paradise. We are called to know ourselves, to know what our place is in the world, our place in our lives and the lives of others.

There are 10 Gates to enter Paradise which is already established on Earth.

We are having Teleclases with The Mother (her physical form is in Canada) who will guide us gently to that space that exists in our hearts, but should start taking place in our environment. To be real in our everyday reality.
You can see the magnificent work she has done with a beloved friend who was a quadriplegic for 24 years. Can you imagine a world without disease? not hungry? without cold? without needs?

You can change, heal and find your true life. The one that makes you vibrate with joy!
Just let your heart lead you to a meeting with the Source of Existence.

We will have 5 teleclasses in English and 5 in spanish (translated at the time), in which we will hear Mother, take coffee or tea and eat delicious things forn an afternoon meeting of talk, knowledge and reflection.

This is the way to get back on track, but knowing that we are walking our personal Truth.

If you enter http://www.paradiseonebooks.com/index.php?p=1_18_Classes You can register for the classes that want to take (and please let me know in the comments).

We sincerely hope You live this experience with us. To be part of our Paradise on Earth.
I want You to live the happiness that I experience and much more than the fulfillment you have always dreamed of.

If your soul calls for a change of life, if you want it to be something more than it is today, we are here for you.

I wish you ALL THE LOVE OF THE UNIVERSE manifesting in your life.

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